Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Verbal Affirmation!

Great news! We received word today that we are going to receive approval. We still need the adoption decree issued, which verifies that approval. They are currently saying Monday, but we are greatly hoping for tomorrow as we need this to bring him from the orphanage to the apartment, as well as for the new birth certificate and his Mongolian passport so that we can obtain his exit visa from the US Consul.

Meanwhile, here are some more pictures:
Bonding with ehj (mother)!

More ehj bonding

 Very happy with ehj

And he does love his aav (father) too

Simulation of a ger.

And he likes being spun!

...and carried around :-)

 And of course, he lots of cute classmates.

 The wonders of the great outdoors.

 He was all into the windows today.

Really into the windows!

The bedroom for his class.

 Another bedroom shot.

Going for yet another window.

Showing us his bed (though we think he thought we were telling him to go to sleep!).

Badaruugan's bed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

INS Upcoming Meeting

INS is meeting today (Wednesday in Mongolia) for the final decision! Prayers are appreciated!

Picture Update

Okay then, I know I have been slack in uploading pictures, so this post will be an attempt to remedy this!

There is no news on the adoption progress. We are still waiting on Mongolian INS to meet and give their final decision. There is at least one other [Italian] family who is also waiting.

It looks like moving into an apartment was a 'Good Thing'. The teacher(s) at the orphanage tried to have us take Badaruugan out to the playground by ourselves yesterday. This would have allowed us to have some one-on-one time with him and also cause less interference with the other children. He was all into it while getting on his jacket and boots. Once he realized he was going alone with us....let's just say we stayed inside :-(

We knew that it might be a difficult transition, and this pretty much confirms that. We are sure that he will adjust well, but it will certainly be a process. Prayers, love, and prayers!!!

This is a mix of pictures that are mostly from either the orphanage, or from the Museum of Natural History. For the pictures with children, Badaruugan is wearing either a red shirt with yellow collar, or a blue plaid shirt. I won't generally be providing comments on these pictures as there are so many; however, please feel free to ask if you have any questions as to what might be showing and we will be more than happy to explain!

Prayers are definitely desired regarding an expedited process!