Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Verbal Affirmation!

Great news! We received word today that we are going to receive approval. We still need the adoption decree issued, which verifies that approval. They are currently saying Monday, but we are greatly hoping for tomorrow as we need this to bring him from the orphanage to the apartment, as well as for the new birth certificate and his Mongolian passport so that we can obtain his exit visa from the US Consul.

Meanwhile, here are some more pictures:
Bonding with ehj (mother)!

More ehj bonding

 Very happy with ehj

And he does love his aav (father) too

Simulation of a ger.

And he likes being spun!

...and carried around :-)

 And of course, he lots of cute classmates.

 The wonders of the great outdoors.

 He was all into the windows today.

Really into the windows!

The bedroom for his class.

 Another bedroom shot.

Going for yet another window.

Showing us his bed (though we think he thought we were telling him to go to sleep!).

Badaruugan's bed.

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