Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Status Update

Hi all, sorry for the long delay in a status update. Things have been a whirlwind. It started with our flight from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar of having a layover change from 6 hours to 13. So, instead of arriving in Mongolia on Sunday evening, we arrived Monday morning. Ariunaa, our Mongolian liaison with the adoption agency, picked us up and informed us that the interview the INS had been moved from Tuesday to Monday. So, jet-lag aside, we booked in the hotel, quickly showered, and went to INS for the interview.

The INS interview was not what we had prepared for. It did not go all. That was the biggest reason I had not yet updated this blog. At one point during the meeting, we were told they were not going to approve our adoption. The Director did not feel that we had adequately answered his questions. His main concern was that he might not be accepted in our family and/or community. We nearly broke down. I barely held it together as I explained that he would be accepted, especially by family. Our children already view him as their brother. I don't know if it was the agony in my voice, or my near breakdown, but as an exception, he offered us another interview.

The next day, we stayed quiet and visited with friends throughout the day. We did our best to vigorously prepare for the next interview (set up for Wednesday).

This brings us to today....Wednesday

The Director explained that it was unusual to be given a second chance for the interview. We thanked him for the opportunity and proceeded. It was a roller-coaster of a meeting. At one point, he again said that our answer to one of his main questions was "insufficient". We were nearly in tears, as was our translator. We were eventually able to convey our answer in a way that matched up *enough*, to the question at hand. It continued to have more ups and downs as it continued, but finished on what we believe to be a good note.

In the end, the director, and others on the interview team, seemed satisfied and assured that we would be suitable parents for Badaruugan! The next step is for the Adoption Committee (unsure of exact naming?) to meet and be debriefed on how the interviews (others have been in town too) have gone. During this next meeting, they will give their official decision. The Director spoke positively and we feel positive. Please keep up the prayers.

As for us, we are now off to the orphanage to finally see Badaruugan in person!

More to come later!!!

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